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Linking a conversation to an existing post (via Intercom tags)
Linking a conversation to an existing post (via Intercom tags)

Link a conversation (via Intercom tags) to add context to your feedback

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Linking a conversation to a post ensures that important context lives alongside the user feedback. Once linked, you can always reference all related conversations to ensure that you're on track while planning and developing features. 

How it works

  • Find the Intercom tag on the post page in Userfeed and copy it (just the title of the post):

  • Go to the Intercom conversation you want to link and tag it with the post's tag (the one you just copied):

  • This will link the conversation and user to the post in Userfeed. Once linked, Userfeed will post a private note in the conversation letting you know that it synced. 

  • Wowza! Your conversation is linked to the post in Userfeed which you can hover over to see a preview of the conversation:

Additionally, if you click the related conversation, it will take you to the exact comment tagged inside of Intercom:

What if a user has never requested a feature and there's no post in Userfeed?

When a user offers new feedback within an Intercom convo, you can simply use the Userfeed app to submit a request on their behalf. This will create a card for you to send, link the user and the conversation to that post in Userfeed, and will post a note to the conversation letting you/your team know that a new request has been created (showing the new Intercom tag to use for future users). 

Note posted in the conversation:

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