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Communicating with your team within a post
Communicating with your team within a post

Chat with your teammates about a post using @ mentions

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Communication about user feedback often happens across channels in a bunch of different tools (Slack, email, Trello, Github, etc.), making it hard to keep track of important discussion. Comments and @ mentions let you centralize this communication while still collaborating with your team, storing your internal discussion alongside the valuable data that's already in your Userfeed posts.

To @ mention someone, simply type @ and begin typing their name. A dropdown will appear to help you mention the right person:

When you mention a teammate, they'll get an email immediately letting them know:

They can view the post and reply in Userfeed, or simply reply to the email (it will @mention the person who sent it to you automatically). You can distinguish in app replies from email replies under the comment:

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