The beauty of Userfeed is that you can engage with your customers about what your building and get their feedback. However, there may be things that you want to keep private for internal eyes only. We have you covered. 

Private Feeds

To make a feed private (control what's viewable in the Intercom Messenger app), simply click 'edit' on the feed you want to make private (icons will tell you if the feed is currently public or private):

Private vs Public Comments

By default all comments are private (internal only), except for status updates (Under review, planned, in progress, complete, etc.). There may times you want to make a comment public so we give you the ability to do so (ie. you complete a feature and you want to link to a Knowledgebase article). 

When commenting simply use the toggle below the comment box to change to public:

Once it's public, it will be viewable in the Intercom Messenger app:

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