Once you've gathered feedback and prioritized what to work on, your development team likely uses a product to track current projects. One of the most popular products for this use case is GitHub. Using our GitHub integration, you can create a GitHub Issue directly from a Userfeed post. When the issue is closed, we'll mark the post as complete in Userfeed. 

Setting up the Github integration

1. Click Integrations in the user dropdown menu (top right) and select GitHub

2. Click Connect to authorize Userfeed to push issues into your GitHub account

3. Use the dropdown to select the repository you want issues to be created in

4. (optional) Choose what labels to include in the GitHub issue. We recommend including a "userfeed" label so it's clear where the issue came from. You can also include the feed name as a label using the checkbox.

5. Click Save

Pushing features to GitHub

When a feature is ready for development, click Create Issue on the post page to create and link a GitHub Issue:

You'll see the status of the newly created issue, and you can click View Issue to view in it GitHub:

When the issue is closed, we'll automatically mark the post in Userfeed as complete, adding private notes to any linked Intercom conversations as well.

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