Creating duplicate posts or similar posts can be fairly easy to do when you have multiple admins and users submitting feedback. Merging can help you solve this problem, and manage a more organized feedback loop.

By using our merging feature, your team can:

  • copy users and linked conversations to the post you're merging to
  • We'll add the tag of the parent post to users who like the post in Intercom
  • we archive and mark the child post as 'merged' so it becomes read only
  • We post a private comment (with link) to both posts

Due to limitations of the Intercom API we can't retag conversations to reflect the merge. We've already copied the user and conversation data in Userfeed, but if you want the tags within Intercom to match, you'll need to add the tag of the post you merged to. If this seems a bit complicated, no worries. When you merge a post we will send you a note via Intercom like this (below), to let you know what tag to use and links to the conversations you need to add the tag to. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

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