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Merging posts

Combine duplicate or similar posts to keep your feeds focused

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Creating duplicate posts or similar posts can be easy to do when you have multiple admins and users submitting feedback. When this happens, merging posts will solve the problem and keep your feedback organized.

What happens when you merge posts

  • The post you're viewing (the child post) is merged into the post you selected in the merge drop-down (the parent post)

  • Likes and Related Conversations are copied from the child to the parent

  • The Intercom tag of the parent post will be added to any Intercom users who liked the child post

  • Private comments are added to both the child and parent to record the merge

  • The child post is marked as merged and becomes read-only

Keep Intercom conversation tags and Userfeed posts consistent

Due to limitations of the Intercom API, we can't add the parent post's Intercom tag to Related Conversations that were copied from the child post. If you don't care about keeping the tags consistent with the newly merged posts, then you're good to go -- we've already copied the likes and related conversations as part of the merge process.

If you do want to keep things tags consistent with the post data, you'll need to manually tag the copied conversations with the parent post's Intercom tag. When you merge a post, we'll send you a note via Intercom to let you know what tag to use and which conversations you need to add re-tag:

Let us know if you have any questions!

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