Allowing your users to vote and comment on your roadmap can be a great way to engage with them. To enable voting & commenting, go to your organization settings and enable these options for the Roadmap widget:

Once enabled, users can begin interacting within your roadmap widget:

Keep in mind, even if you have these settings enabled, new visitors to your site (those without an email address) will not see the option to vote or comment. Here's why:

  • Since they have no known email address, you can't start a conversation with them in Intercom to learn more about their feedback

  • You wouldn't be able to close the loop with them when completing features, as you don't know their email or contact information

  • Since they're not a user (or even a lead), they have little context around your product, so their feedback will likely be misleading. We believe that you should focus on feedback from people that have used your product.

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