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The Dashboard

Use the Summary, Activity, and Trends dashbords to see high-level stats, recent activity, and more

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The dashboard consists of three sections: Summary, Activity, and Trends. Here's what each section has to offer.


The Summary dashboard is the main entry point to your account. The first thing you'll notice: high-level stats about the feedback flowing your account. You'll also see the most popular posts and feeds for the selected period. This can be useful as input to prioritization and product planning.

Pro tip: Explore what was popular at different times by changing the date range

The right-hand section includes the most recent activity, as well as a handful of stale posts. This is a snapshot of what you'll find on the Activity dashboard.


On the Activity dashboard, you'll see recent activity and stale posts. The activity list lets you stay on top of feedback as it comes through. The stale post list (posts that haven't been updated in more than 30 days, if there are any). Use this list to keep your backlog clean and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


The Trends dashboard shows...well, trends. Curious about how many users have engaged through Userfeed? Or how many requests you've gotten over time? Or how many Intercom conversations you've linked? Herein lie the answers.

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