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How do I see what feedback a user has given?
How do I see what feedback a user has given?
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One way to stay relevant to users when you talk to them is to have a strong recollection of what feedback they've given in the past. Userfeed makes this easy whether you're in our app or in Intercom. 

Intercom Inbox app

To add feedback history within the context of every user conversation simply add the Userfeed app:

You can also click on Userfeed posts to view the description and post private comments on that post. If you post a comment, the comment will link to that conversation and show you that it was submitted via the Inbox app:

Userfeed Engagement tab

If you're in Userfeed you can view feedback given by individual users by clicking on the engagement tab in the top nav. You can sort users based on those with the most feedback and click on them to see what all they have requested:

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