Accidentally link a conversation to the wrong post? You can remove a conversation from a post in the admin UI:

  1. Go to the Conversations tab on the post

  2. Click the Remove button next to the conversation you'd like to remove

When you remove a conversation from a post, we'll add a note to the conversation to document the change:

A couple things to note about this feature:

  • Due to a limitation of Intercom's API, we cannot automatically untag conversations. If you remove a conversation from a post, and that conversation was originally linked to the post using its Intercom tag, the tag will remain on the conversation. If you prefer to keep these tags in sync (i.e. you use conversation tag reports in Intercom), you'll need to manually remove the tag from the conversation within Intercom's UI.

  • When you remove a conversation from a post, we'll check the user related to the conversation as well. If this is their only conversation linked to this post, we'll remove their "like" and untag them in Intercom. If they have other conversations related to the same post, we'll keep things as-is.

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