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Saved views and making lists/boards public
Saved views and making lists/boards public

Want to create views of your posts and share them publicly

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One of our key features is the ability to curate what is shown (or not shown) to users, when it's shown, and where it's shown. With Saved Views, admins can create custom views of posts to use as personal shorctuts, to share with your team internally, or to make publicly viewable to your users (e.g. changelogs, public roadmap, VIP roadmap, beta roadmaps, etc.). You can even create and send them as native Intercom apps without any code! 

Creating a saved view

Simply click the Feedback tab in the top nav, apply the filters you want in your view, and click Save as view. Here's an example of a saved view: our public changelog page.

Send saved view via Intercom

You can share a view via Intercom using:

  • Messenger Home

  • In-app messages

  • Bots

Note: The Saved View must be public in order to be sent via Intercom

To share a Saved View via Intercom, just click Insert app, choose Feedback by Userfeed, and then choose the Saved Views app:

*Important note: Currently, public saved views are read-only, but we're working on the ability for users to comment/like posts.

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