Bump templates let you save a sequence of follow-ups and reuse them, saving you even more time.

Creating a Bump template

1. Click Manage templates

2. Select the number of follow-ups (Bump x 1, x2, or x3)

3. Fill in the template and click Create template

Using variables

To personalize your follow-up messages, you can use variables in templates, too! To use a variable, use double curly braces and refer to an available variable in the body of your message:

Hi {{ contact.first_name }} - just checking in!

To specify a fallback value in the case of missing variables (e.g. the customer you are chatting with does not have a name set in Intercom), use the default option like so:

Hi {{ contact.first_name | default: 'there' }} - just checking in!

Available variables:

  • contact.first_name (also available as contact.given_name)

  • contact.last_name (also available as contact.family_name)

  • contact.name (this is the full name from Intercom)

  • contact.email

  • contact.role (user or lead)

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