In your email inbox:

We send a daily digest in the morning showing you all messages that got sent yesterday and all messages that will be sent today.

In Intercom:

As you bump conversations, we'll automatically tag conversations to make it easy to find bumped conversations in search and reports. Here are the tags and what they mean:

  • uf_bump:pending - you've bumped this conversation, but no scheduled messages have been sent yet
  • uf_bump:active - the bump is in progress
  • uf_bump:canceled - the bump was canceled (either manually by you or automatically by us due to conversation activity)
  • uf_bump:successful - all scheduled bumps were sent

We recommend creating Bump-specific Inbox Views using these tags to see conversations that are using Bump. Here is our Inbox view:

Note: A conversation will have just one of these tags at a time, as it represents the current state of the bump sequence.

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