When a user offers feedback within an Intercom conversation, you can use the Userfeed app to track the feedback on their behalf. This will:

  • create a card for you to send
  • link the user and the conversation to that post in Userfeed
  • post a note to the conversation letting you/your team know that the conversation has been linked in Userfeed (showing the new Intercom tag to use for future users). 
  • Allow you to search all your posts, making sure you don't create duplicate requests

To use the Messenger App within a conversation:

  1. Open your apps by clicking the app icon at the bottom of the conversation
  2. Click the Userfeed app
  3. Briefly describe the request. This lets you search for any existing posts before adding a new one
  4. If linking to an existing post, click the desired post in the list
  5. If adding new feedback, add a description and select a feed

Here's what the flow looks like in Intercom:

Once you've linked the conversation, Userfeed posts a note in the conversation letting you know it's tracked:

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